Friday, April 17, 2009

Pietro Annigoni

"[Pietro] Annigoni was born in Milan in 1910 and lived in Florence for most of his life. He is known for helping draft a manifesto in the late 40s advocating realism in an art world that was consumed by Abstract Expressionism. He became famous for his portraits, with his popularity seeming to peak in the early 60s. Annigoni is perhaps most famous for a somewhat romanticized portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, a likeness that was chosen for use on several paper currencies in the British Commonwealth."

Brand-new Museo Pietro Annigoni in Florence, website has online gallery

aforementioned portrait:

Self-portrait, 1946:

portrait of Maria Ricciarda (1970):

Queen Margherita of Denmark 1978:

4 Time Magazine covers:

John F Kennedy 1962

Pope John XXIII 1962

Ludwig Erhard 1963

Lyndon Johnson 1968

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