Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Yael Scalia palette


LG: Your paintings have a remarkable feeling of light and air, clarity and restraint of tone that make for rich color harmonies. Can you tell us something about your approach to finding the right colors in your paintings. Do you use a particular palette of colors?

YS: My painting teacher was a demanding tyrant when it came to color mixing, and that was helpful! I still use pretty much the same palette I used when I first started painting, with a few additions over the years:
Cremnitz white,
raw umber,
ultramarine blue,
cobalt blue,
quinacridone blue, [???]
burnt sienna,
lemon yellow,
cadmium yellow,
Indian yellow,
cadmium orange,
cadmium or other warm green,
Veronese green,
vert Aubusson or pthalo green,
a purple,
cadmium red,
alizarin crimson.

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