Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Charles Reid Flesh

Red  + Yellow + White + Complement

Cadmium Red

Cadmium Yellow (Cadmium Yellow Light / Yellow Ochre / Raw Sienna)
Titanium White
warm areas

To cool, add cerulean blue (light areas) or viridian green (darks)

Vary mix: Yellow Ochre in the light, Raw Sienna in the shadow

Light flesh: Titanium White + Cad Red Light + Cad Yellow Pale + Cerulean Blue / Permanent Green Light

More subtle flesh tone: Titanium White + Yellow Ochre + Cad Red + Any Cad Yellow + Cerulean Blue / Permanent Green Light

Darker:  Titanium White + Raw Sienna / Yellow Ochre + Cad Yellow + Viridian / Cobalt Blue / Ultramarine Blue

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