Friday, May 1, 2009

Simulated Traditional Academic’s Palette
2006 re-creation of early 1800s palette
Exhibited in Revolution in Paint

With date of invention or earliest known use as artists’ paint

  1. Lead white, ancient Greece
  2. Naples yellow*, ancient Egypt
  3. Indian yellow, 16th century
  4. Yellow ochre, prehistoric
  5. Red ochre, prehistoric
  6. Vermilion, medieval
  7. Rose madder, ancient Egypt
  8. Carmine*, medieval
  9. Burnt sienna, Early Renaissance
  10. Brown madder*, 18th century
  11. Bitumen, medieval
  12. Cassel earth, 16th century
  13. Ivory black, prehistoric
  14. Ultramarine blue, natural, medieval
  15. Prussian blue, 1710

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